THE PLAN*Vision 2020

Hello my online  & business friends.  PLEASE READ all the way through.  You may need to reread for clarity, but I PROMISE you, it WON'T be a waste of your time.  It is a little long, but I want this to be CLEAR !!!

I have been thinking about this long and hard for the past few MONTHS, I thought about how many businesses and online opportunities we have done, some together, and some separate; how much $$$$ we have spent, how much effort we have put forth, and for MOST of us , the returns did not equal the output !!!  I don't know about you but I want some REAL and LASTING $$$$$

I then started about how WE could collectively change that outcome, by working together as a GROUP/team, and pooling our money and energy, together to be more effective & change EVERYONE'S financial outlook drastically for the better & long term !!!.  This will be done by strategically entering multiple programs, one at a time, and stabilizing our group there before moving to the next program to repeat the process. 

We would finally STOP this cycle of join new program, work new program HARD, maybe make some money, usually not as much as we want, and then it goes bust !!!  Not to mention those of you who either can't, don't want to or just plain HATE recruiting/referring etc.; since MOST program pretty much demand that for success. 

THE 4 step plan will DEFINITELY work !!! IF, IF, IF folks REALLY commit to doing exactly as outlined !!! I promise you folks, that this is SUPER easy and simple, which is why it WILL work !!!
I already KNOW a lot of you are discouraged , tired, and are throwing up your hands saying NO !! Not again !! 
BUT, I am asking you to try just ONE MORE TIME !!  I truly believe this will work BIG time !!  So without further time wasting, let me explain THE PLAN... So here it is......

Step 1...I need EVERYONE who is interested in THE PLAN once you read it through to fill out this form.   The form is attached to a spread sheet that automatically enters folks as they join.   No MONEY required yet, but get ready !! The initial outlay will be $50
** If you decide no, I will not hold it against you when you come back later to join, BUT you will have missed out on making A LOT of money a lot earlier...don't get me wrong, the way this is designed everyone WILL make money no matter when they come in, but the early bird always catches the FATTEST worms !! So...why not NOW instead of later ???

Step 2...Once we get our target starter group of at least 200-250, we will join our first program,  To be CLEAR, we are NOT breaking anyone's pocket, so there will be NO reason for anyone to say NO to this; there also be opportunities to PIF for folks (that is pay if forward for those who don't know)and I don't CARE if you sign up family members unlike a lot of programs, because this will work ESPECIALLY well even if you do. 

STEP 3...Watch your emails for updates and the START date for our 1st program.  If everyone who is participating RESPONDS to me in 48 hour or less,I anticipate us starting in 7-10 days.  This will include sending all participants their team id #, along with the information they will need to join Program #1.   

Step 4....Repeat the process by continuing to grow the team, fill all the empty spaces, and identify and join new program until we reach our goals !!!

 ***I would like everyone to be READY to pay folks with 48 hours of being NOTIFIED to pay. I will be outlining what amount you need to have once notified.  It will be NOMINAL !! Once we start paying, folks will be following each other in a straight line based on when they joined..FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED !!  All spaces will be filled, NO EMPTY SPOTS.  This will be Program #1.  

This is PHENOMENAL because it means folks will start right out the gate GETTING PAID, and don't WORRY if you are 196 or 197 because in 1-2 weeks, once we have everyone in program #1 and stabilized, & getting paid, we will join Program #2 & FLIP !!!  So the folks who were at the bottom of Program #1 ie. 196, 197 etc will now start out at the TOP of Program #2, so YOU will now START OUT getting paid first !!! 

We will continue this flip back and forth through all 8-10 of our programs with everyone getting a chance to be ON TOP !!!  This is so we will have a diversity of programs, and if 1, 2, 3 go belly up, we have 7 good paying programs left, so we ain't broke, and we don't have to start over !!!  

We will just replace the poor or gone programs using our flip system, so which ever group started the last time , the next group will be first this time.   This way no matter WHERE you come in or WHEN you join, you will have a chance to be at the TOP of a program, & GET PAID.  This will also ensure our longevity and growth, because as folks start to earn, they will tell/bring their friends and family members, and we will have no LACK of members.  I will try to best to keep friends and family together, as long as it does not endanger the integrity of the program or weaken it. I envision us having 1000's of members very soon.

Anticipated time frames for joining new programs with MONEY earned from previous programs is 2-4 weeks, depending on how FAST YOU all get in, and pay your entry fees or peer-to-peer payments..

Now there will always be 2 groups.. Group 1, that starts the 1st Program, and Group 2 (which is just group 1 flipped upside down). Group 2 will start Program #2 . Then the groups will alternate for future programs.  Whoever is LAST on the list when we join a new program will be first on top the new program. 

The BEAUTY of this system is that EVEN if NEW people join, it will still work the same way !!! and EVERYONE will get a chance to EARN ON TOP !!, In fact, if that happens; you will make even MORE money !!!  It is a win- win all the way around !!!

I will initially start out keeping a ex-cell type spread sheet to keep track of this , but I am already looking at an automated program to keep track of everyone as they join and their teams are built.  I know everyone's big question now is What are the programs, and how much do they cost ?? 

 I will list the first 2. the rest are being developed. and I am open to suggestions.  If you are already in any of the programs, no problem.  We will just set you up with a new account to be able to participate in the group,.  So Program #1 is called Majestic Cares Community.  It is a crowdfunding program, and I really love their mission and concept. It is a $30 one time,with potential for $254,000 over and over, and you can check it out here

Program #2 is one you may or may not know, Cars4Cancer    We will be joining this at the $25 level initially, and moving through the phases with earnings.  As you can see, we are not going to break anyone financially, but this will be life changing income. As we make money, we will progress to the higher levels in this program.  

I picked these two to start because I really like their concepts, and because the money comes directly to the member without third parties or delays in getting your money.  This is NECESSARY as we want to move rapidly to do our next FLIP and get ALL our members paid. 

 So this is THE PLAN...very simple, easy, everyone wins and get's PAID QUICKLY.  You will ALWAYS follow the SAME person in Group 1 and Group 2, even if new folks join !! This is really simple people, and EASY.   

So.. The quicker you join me FREE by just sending me and EMAIL or TEXT, the sooner we can get started....Anybody want some HOLIDAY $$$$  ???  Please respond within 48 hours so we can get started. 

**** DON"T JOIN any of the programs until I send you the link or # to use.  We HAVE to keep track of things so everyone gets PAID, IF you join out of turn; you will NOT be in our groups and will NOT benefit by getting PAID quickly...You will be all ALONE !!!

** Other Programs I like, and am considering in the near future.  Ya'll make no MISTAKE, we can make some SIGNIFICANT money BEFORE the holidays, and start 2020 off in GRAND fashion IF we get started NOW !!!


Mybitcointube- I personally love this one but it requires about 20 minutes of work daily, and I think a lot of folks are gonna want things that they can set it and forget it.

Crypto  Plus-  I LOVE This one, and the price point !!! Thinking about adding this along with #1 !!!  What do you think

Https://  this will be program 4 due to the higher cost, but the payout is really great.

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Sharon Gross King
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